CRANIBAS is a new and effective therapy pad for the treatment of pain.

Neck tension
Neck pain
Muscle tension of the lower cervical spine

For patients

You can order CRANIBAS in Germany from the Artzt company.

For medical supply stores

We supply the medical supply shops with the CRANIBAS therapy pad.

For the professionals

You can order the hygienically washable version of our product for your physiotherapy or osteopathy practice.

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Light pressure

Slight pressure below the back of the head


Easy train

Slight pull and relaxation below the back of the head



This mechanical stimulus leads to relaxation of the connective tissue structures (muscles, ligaments, fascia) in this region.

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The different angles and elevations of the CRANIBAS therapy pad serve to accommodate the head and the area between the cervical spine and the base of the skull. Laying on the head leads to contact of the elevations at defined points (1) of the cervical spine and the back of the head.

Due to the special arrangement of the elevations (1), there is a slight pressure and some tension (2) in the area below the back of the head (the suboccipital region).

This mechanical stimulus leads to relaxation of the connective tissues (such as muscles, ligaments, fascia) in this region.

This reaction leads to normal mobility of the head joints (C0/C1/C2), which in turn can have a positive effect on the metabolic situation and elasticity in this area.


CRANIBAS is easy to use, soothing and relaxing. You only need a stable, level surface (e.g. floor).

1. Set up

Place both humps of the CRANIBAS at the bottom of your head, level with the base of your skull, next to the hairline

2. Lay down

Place the round hollow of the CRANIBAS on the back of your head. Tilt your head back until the CRANIBAS touches your neck.

3. Relax

Now let go on the CRANIBAS. A gentle feeling of pressure is completely normal. Relax in this position for up to 15 minutes !

What people are saying about us

Since I've been using Cranibas, I've reduced my painkillers intake by at least half. A slight pain is noticeable at the beginning, but this decreases after a few minutes and I can relax wonderfully. I can’t go without it anymore.

Mrs W.B., from Schweinfurt

Cranibas is next to my bed. I usually use it for about 15 minutes before bed. It also works for me on the mattress. My headaches have gotten significantly better. Great thing !

Mrs G.B., from Bad Kissingen

I have a significant improvement in my cervical vertebrae and neck problems with daily use. Even the radiating pain in my arm has improved. I use Cranibas almost every day for about 5-10 minutes.

Mrs C.K. , from Kronungen


Private Person

How to buy CRANIBAS

In Germany you can order CRANIBAS for €79.94 from ARTZT or pick it up at Schweinfurt.

Medical supply stores


As a medical supply store or reseller, please contact us here.

Physio & Osteopathy

For professionals

CRANIBAS is ideal for professional use. Please contact us here.